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In 1556, the doctor David de Pomis was granted a piece of land by Count Niccolò IV Orsini, in order to bury his young wife. Ever since then, this land has remained the cemetery used by the Jewish community of Pitigliano. Just outside the town, at the foot of the fortress, it lies along a jagged slope at the foot of the town. It holds around 280 graves of different types, according to the different eras. Of particular interest are the locules dug into the side of the tufa rock. Starting in the late 19th century, monumental structures were added, in line with non-Jewish tradition, such as gravestones featuring broken columns or veiled urns. Among the most picturesque of the sculptures is an angel with large wings, and a girl lying on two pillows, her hands clasped.

Via dell’Unità d’Italia 437 (road to Manciano)

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