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A small Italian rite synagogue probably built between the 17th and 18th centuries, for everyday use in addition to the main synagogue.

We know that it was still in use until 1943 for commemorations for the deceased, and for weekday services during the winter months. It now acts as a ‘small temple’ and is in use all year round.

Along with the other halls in the community’s main building, it was ransacked and destroyed during the Second World War. Once rites resumed, the hall was renovated using 19th century furnishings from the town of Cento’s synagogue, not in use since the 1930s. The seating, tevah and the wooden portal all come from there. However, the marble inlaid Aron (1729) was already in the Fanese synagogue, arranged in a common tripartite layout, two chairs flanking the central compartment which holds the Scrolls of the Law.

Via Mazzini, 95

Currently closed to visitors due to restoration work following the 2012 earthquake.