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“In 1627, the Marquis of Monte San Savino, Bertoldo Orsini, authorises the establishment of a Jewish loan bank, of which the owners are Ferrante Passigli, Florentine jew, and some of his associates. Annual interest rates: 15% for citizens of Monte San Savino, 18% for those from elsewhere. The bank as set out will last until the end of the seventeenth century …”  (R.G. SALVADORI). Upon the death of Ferrante Passigli (before August 1649) the direction of the bank passed to his daughter Dolce, who had been joined in marriage with his cousin Elia Passigli. After Elia died, Dolce († 1700) married her second husband, Leone Usigli, whose sons Ferrante and Abramo (in the company ensign is the acronym ‘FAV’ which stands for Ferrante and Abramo Vsigli) headed the bank in the last years of activity. The house / pawnbrokers of Passigli / Usigli is currently to be found in the building located in Corso Sangallo at numbers 5 and 7, purchased in 1664 by Daniele Passigli, the son of Elia and Dolce Passigli.