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A permanent exhibition on the ground floor of the synagogue complex illustrates some of the key identifying features of Jewish life and local history, with local original artefacts and reconstructions for educational purposes. The synagogue furnishings and the Scrolls of the Torah take place of pride: precious textile artefacts and objects of common use are both present making it possible to identify with the daily Jewish life and in the past of Alessandria’s Community. Items on display also include an authentic machine for the preparation of unleavened bread for Passover.

A section is devoted to the cycle of life, with objects for personal worship, old photos, and mementoes. One of the prayer books bears a striking commemoration drafted following a tragic event in 1835 when the floor of the hall gave in causing multiple deaths among the people attending.

Some of the most evocative items on display are decorated wooden tables from the old ceiling of Alessandria’s synagogue that pre-date the extensive refurbishment completed in 1871: they were re-discovered during the latest restoration as they had been used as a walkway in the new temple’s attic.

Via Milano, 5 – Alessandria

The tour of the synagogue includes the permanent exhibition.