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The first Jewish cemetery was established with the institution of the ghetto (1660) and occupied a field next to the ancient walls, in the area of Castelletto. The burial ground remained in operation until 1704-1705, when the Community was assigned an adjoining plot of land, situated, according to the records of the period, “under the second bastion of Castelletto, past the old curtain walls of the city.” Today the location of the site is described in detail on a stone wall plaque in the synagogue. After 1771 the area began to be used for other purposes and, before long, almost every recognisable feature of its previous function as cemetery was lost.

In the early 19th Century the Community was given the use of a new cemetery, called ‘La Cava’ after the ancient urban area in which it was located, overlooking the sea, at the end of the present-day Via Corsica. The burial ground remained in operation until 1886, when it was declared unusable and expropriated to allow for the construction of new buildings nearby. The Community was then allotted a part of the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, where several remains from the earlier cemetery were transferred.

Today there are two Jewish sections. The oldest is accessed from the main gate; the entrance is marked with a marble portal on which are commemorated the names of the Genoese Jews deported to death camps. Inside, simple graves lie alongside more elaborate structures, influenced by the style of non-Jewish gravestones. When it became overcrowded, this 19th-Century area was supplemented with a second field, situated in the vicinity on a higher level.

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