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The didactic tour on Judaism and the history of the Gorizia Community takes its name from the city itself, which was formerly known as ‘Little Jerusalem on the Isonzo’ due to the great cultural vitality of the Community in Jewish studies and the everyday life of the city.

The museum, curated and run by the local Amici di Israele Association, gives an account of past Jewish presence in the area of Gorizia, from the earliest settlements to segregation in the ghetto, from the Emancipation to the two World Wars, thus preserving the memory of an essential part of the city’s history and providing accurate knowledge of the synagogue, which still exists and can be visited as part of the museum tour.

On display are a few local historical objects (many were stolen or lost during the war), as well as graphic panels, historic photographs and small reconstructions.

Specific labels identify prominent figures in the history of the Community. One room is dedicated to Gorizia-born Jewish philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter (1887-1910), whose most important paintings are on display.

As today the Jewish Community of Gorizia is almost non-existent it has become a section of the Trieste Jewish Community. The synagogue, which was transferred to the city, is occasionally used for ritual ceremonies, and is available for events organized by the museum.

Via Ascoli, 19

Temporarily closed for restoration.

tel. +39 0481-532115 (during opening hours)
tel. +39 334-9181872
E mail ass_israele_go@yahoo.it

Exhibition: ground floor with two steps
Synagogue: first floor without elevator