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The Jewish Art and Ancient History Museum opened in 1969, upon the completion of the major restoration works carried out on the synagogue and on the community halls. The exhibition occupies several rooms adjacent to the sanctuary, including the women’s galleries in particular. It is intended to illustrate the main features of Jewish life and culture while at the same time highlighting the artistic value of the ceremonial objects displayed. Indeed, the museum contains large collections of objects related to the decoration of the Torah, Jewish festivities and family life. These have come to the museum through loans or donations from other Jewish communities or individuals.
After the visit to the synagogue, the exhibition route is organized in sections dedicated to the following themes: Torah and prayer; silverware; textiles; annual festivals; life cycle. Some themes are presented through striking reconstructions of traditional interiors.
The spaces within the complex are also enriched by more recent artistic installations: next to the entrance is the Shoah memorial by Antonio Recalati; in the “Bees’ Courtyard” is the pomegranate tree with bronze bees by Jessica Carrol and Aldo Mondino; while along the portico overlooking the courtyard are the shapes of the Hebrew alphabet, by Gabriele Levy.
Lastly, the community’s historical archive was reorganized in 1989. It can be viewed by appointment only.
The museum is only partially adapted to wheelchair access.

Vicolo Salomone Olper, 44 – Casale Monferrato (AL)

Guided visits only
Information and contacts: tel. +39 0142 71807 – +39 340 7697199 (mornings only)
e-mail: segreteria@casalebraica.org
Advance booking required for groups.
Closed: months of January and August, and on Jewish holidays.

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