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“Words, images, objects and architecture of Synagogues in Piedmont”

A small yet significant permanent exhibition has been set up in rooms on the ground floor, where the new entrance to the synagogue is located. Important restoration works in Carmagnola have provided the perfect opportunity for an overview of the main architectonic characteristics of existing synagogues in Piedmont;  conservation conditions and current state of restoration works executed to date are documented by charts and models. Worthy of particular mention is the comparison between the structure of synagogues from the time of ghettos – illustrated through the example of Carmagnola – and that which became widespread during the years of the Emancipation, presented through Turin‘s late 19th century monumental temple.

The exhibition also includes a small selection of traditional objects with the aim of illustrating some fundamental aspects of Jewish life to less expert visitors.

Therefore the exhibition represents an introduction to a visit to the synagogue as well as part of a more extensive route encompassing the entire network of synagogues in Piedmont.

via Bertini, 8

Entrance included in visit to synagogue

The exhibition is located on the ground floor (one step). Please inform in case of presence of wheelchair users.