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The small synagogue of Mondovì is located on the last floor of a residential building which constitutes the oldest part of the ghetto. The hall overlooks the rear part and internal courtyard and is not visible from the road, in accordance with dictates imposed by civil and ecclesiastic authorities.

The late 18th century interior is intimate and cosy; true to Piedmont tradition, the hall features a central layout with a fulcrum in the canopied tevah with octagonal base, executed in soft-coloured lacquered wood and gilded elements. The aron set in the eastern wall is made from carved and lacquered wood and features gilded doors embellished by a depiction of the menorah and framed by spiral semi-columns surmounted by a broken pediment supporting the Tables of the Law. Along the wall, a trompe-l’oeil decoration depicts architectonic features including columns, arches and drapery.

Two windows either side of the aron open out onto the external loggia with views of the Mondovì hills.

A walkway next to the entrance leads to the matroneum and small classroom, located next door to the hall, both added later.

Via Vico, 65

Second floor without elevator.

Guided tours only.
For info and reservations:
Jewish Community of Turin