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A small Sephardic (Spanish) rite temple is in the basement of the Tempio Maggiore. This is a legacy of the ghetto’s Scole, where versions of this rite were observed. Originally located elsewhere, it was transferred here in 1932. The furnishings of the Cinque Scole restored and brought here In 1948.

The hall has an elongated rectangular shape and the bi-focal layout of the Ghetto Scole: the aron and tevah face each other at the centre of opposite walls – in this case along the longer sides -, while the pews are arranged to face them.

The aron in polychrome marble comes from Scola Nova; the original tympanum had to be removed because of the height of the ceiling, and at its sides the seats belonging to the tripartite structure of the aron from Scola Catalana made between 1622 and 1628. The tevah comes from the Scola Castigliana: it was donated in 1851, and is the last, large marble item purposely made for the Cinque Scole.

Largo Stefano Gaj Taché – 00186 Rome
Guided visit included in the entrance ticket to the Jewish Museum of Rome.